29 Nov 2013

Did ISON Survive It’s Orbit around The Sun?

News Flash!  First reports indicated Comet ISON may have disintegrated due to its close encounter with the Sun today, but very latest NASA satellite images now seem to show part of it survived and there is an object trailing a tail of material coming back out from behind the Sun.  With that said, look for ISON […]
6 Nov 2013

Using Celestron For Beginner & Expert Astronomers

Do you have a budding astronomer in the family?  We have lots of fine Celestron scopes in stock. For instance, we stock the new Celestron First Scope 76 Cometron which is kid sized and a lot of fun! This sharp Reflector is small and compact but uses standard 1 ¼ inch eyepieces. It?s on a […]
7 Oct 2013

Comet ISON Is Almost Here!

Comet ISON is just about here! Starting in November of this year,  you should be able to see this comet with Binoculars and hopefully your naked eye. Astronomers are expecting this comet to brighten so that it is visible in Binoculars and Telescopes by mid November and may reach naked eye brightness by early December […]
23 Aug 2013

The ETX 90 also makes a great Super Telephoto lens

Just a little optical theory:  The theoretical limit of power for a telescope is  about 100 power per inch of aperture.  So this scope can give you up to 350 power (3.5 inches times 100 per inch).  But to get 350 power, you would need to use a 3.5mm Eyepiece! The ETX 90 also makes […]
12 Aug 2013

The Perseids and The Night Sky

This past weekend was that time of the year again; when the Earth passes through the Perseid debris cloud left by the comet  Swift-Tuttle.   The result is the roughly 2000 year old event known as the Perseid meteor shower (or known simply as, the Perseids). The event isn’t over just yet.  Tonight and into the […]
30 Jul 2013

New Camera Technologies for Better Editing

While many professional photographers use Photoshop to edit or modify their photos, new technologies have just been released that help the professional and amateur photographer capture one-of-a-kind solo shots. The gadget and technology site Gizmodo.com states that the new technology, which is by Scalado, is called “Remove” and it allows photographers to take an image […]
18 Jul 2013

7 Ways to Take Better Photos with Your Digital Camera

In a world of ever-present cell phone cameras, digital copies and automatic focus, many aspiring photographers neglect  to get to know their professional level digital camera. The term “point and shoot” has almost become synonymous with digital photography to the less experienced photographer but  the expert photographer understands that a digital camera is the key […]
11 Jul 2013

Prepare For Comet ISON with Meade Telescopes at Berger-Bros.

Have you ever seen the Craters on the Moon close up? Have you ever discovered the Rings of Saturn? Have you witnessed the glorious colors of the Orion Nebulae? Astronomy is a great hobby for kids and adults and its clean and safe. You only need a modest telescope to get started. It’s a great […]
9 Jul 2013

Print it or {potentially} Lose it!

by Yvonne Berger If we were to look at the history of photography we would see that unlike other artistic mediums, photography has undergone many transformations.  The biggest change that we have seen is the transition from film to digital technology.   The digital age has changed photography in a plethora of ways.  Some of […]
26 Jun 2013

Bird Photography by Richard Sandor

Wanted to share some amazing bird photos by one of our loyal customers, Richard Sandor.     How these photos were taken: All photos were taken with a Nikon D4 and 500 mm f/4 lens mounted on a tripod and gimbal. All were shot in Manual, Auto ISO and using the AF-ON button for focusing. […]