9 Jul 2013

Print it or {potentially} Lose it!

by Yvonne Berger If we were to look at the history of photography we would see that unlike other artistic mediums, photography has undergone many transformations.  The biggest change that we have seen is the transition from film to digital technology.   The digital age has changed photography in a plethora of ways.  Some of […]
26 Jun 2013

Bird Photography by Richard Sandor

Wanted to share some amazing bird photos by one of our loyal customers, Richard Sandor.     How these photos were taken: All photos were taken with a Nikon D4 and 500 mm f/4 lens mounted on a tripod and gimbal. All were shot in Manual, Auto ISO and using the AF-ON button for focusing. […]
3 Jun 2013

Fly Photo with Nikon 55mm Macro Lens

This stunning image comes from one of our associates; telescope and optics expert, Rich H.  The dust and cobwebs look like snow and fabric in this highly detailed shot.
24 May 2013

Which Lens Should I Buy?

By Frank Rende Which lens should I buy? This is the question asked by a lot of camera enthusiasts. There is no one single lens for every type of photography or photographer. Some lenses are better suited for portraits, some for landscape, some for sports, and still others  for close-up or macro photography. But how […]
20 May 2013

Photo of the Moon by Melissa Maravell

Here’s an image of the Moon by one of our customers who was a guest at our recent Shoot the Moon photography class.
6 May 2013


Would you like to investigate the micro world?  What is in a droplet of pond water?  What is in the surface of a leaf?  What does the human skin look like on a micro level?   What does the intestine look like?  What does the part of your tongue look like that tastes?  Do you know […]
8 Apr 2013

Nikon AF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8G Lens

Fast, Fun, and Reasonably Priced The NikonAF-S Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 G lens is a great choice for anyone looking to upgrade from the kit lens that came with their camera. The large, 1.8 aperture is reason enough to make the switch to this reasonably priced lens. The edge-to-edge sharpness is another benefit. You will definitely […]
4 Apr 2013

What’s Up In the Sky? April 2013

Jupiter and Saturn are the planets to see this Month.  Jupiter is in the southwestern sky after sunset.  Saturn is visible late in the evening. Comet PanStarrs is still visible at sunset and sunrise, but its magnitude has dropped to almost 5th.  You need binoculars and a dark sky to pick it out. The Lyrid Meteor Shower may […]
26 Mar 2013

Five Pro Tips to Taking Stunning Food Photos

We all love food. It’s how we converse, catch up, and coexist. Without food we wouldn’t last a week. One of the greatest joys of “fooding” is the art of product photo taking. Capturing food in a photo in just the right way does more to arouse the appetite than starvation. Most people assume the […]
13 Mar 2013

Comet PanStarrs Can Now Be Observed

News Flash! Comet PanStarrs is finally visible. Look to the west and above the horizon about one fist width in the hour after sunset. Estimates are now optimistic that it will be 1st Magnitude! That means it should be bright enough to see if you don’t have too much light pollution from NYC. If you […]