26 Mar 2013

Five Pro Tips to Taking Stunning Food Photos

We all love food. It’s how we converse, catch up, and coexist. Without food we wouldn’t last a week. One of the greatest joys of “fooding” is the art of product photo taking. Capturing food in a photo in just the right way does more to arouse the appetite than starvation. Most people assume the […]
13 Mar 2013

Comet PanStarrs Can Now Be Observed

News Flash! Comet PanStarrs is finally visible. Look to the west and above the horizon about one fist width in the hour after sunset. Estimates are now optimistic that it will be 1st Magnitude! That means it should be bright enough to see if you don’t have too much light pollution from NYC. If you […]
11 Mar 2013

Archival Photo Restoration

Before the digital age, photo restoration was not something widely available to the general public. Restorations were reserved for important works or art, and socially meaningful photographs. Art restorers at museums would make repairs directly on the original photograph by airbrushing over the damage. This method remains the preferred technique for repairing valuable historical photos, […]
7 Mar 2013

Using Your Nikon Camera Lens Correctly

What is the first thing you notice about product photos? Is it the aesthetics, or do you see the product itself stripped of any subjective overtones? What if I told you there’s a way to have both? Taking photos worthy of a Pulitzer Prize may sound a bit lofty, but let me assure you there’s […]
30 Jan 2013

What’s Your Camera Style?

Are you colorful? Vintage? Adventurous? No matter what your camera style, Pentax has the perfect camera just for you. If you are the colorful type, we suggest you find your perfect match with the Pentax Q10, the world’s smallest and lightest interchangeable lens system camera, now available with customized grip and body colors in 100 […]
7 Jan 2013

Look to the Heavens!

Happy New Year! Despite the cold weather, we hope you will take the time to look at the skies this month. You’ll be rewarded with some bright and beautiful views in the dry winter sky. Some of the brightest stars in the sky can be seen in January. Betelgeuze and Rigel shine brightly in the […]
26 Dec 2012

Best Selling Digital SLR Cameras in 2012

Here at Berger Bros. we sell the highest-quality and best-selling cameras on the market. As we continually strive to provide the best service to our customers, we are also continually looking for ways to help our customers find the products they need for their specific projects or desires. Throughout the year, we’ve been searching to […]
26 Dec 2012

Best Selling Camera Lenses in 2012

Sales and distribution of camera equipment, lenses, and accessories constantly reminds us how much people love to demonstrate their artistic flare. As the year comes to a close, we wanted to take a look at what people are buying the most, and what they most desire. We’ve seen some trends and want to share what […]
22 Dec 2012

Hottest Lenses for Christmas 2012

Amateur and professional photographers alike understand that the quality of a photo is directly related to the quality of the lens you’re using. Whether you’re shooting stills or video, landscape or portraits, your lens will determine the quality of the result. This Christmas we’ve decided to roll out the hottest lenses you could stuff your […]
21 Dec 2012

Hottest Cameras for Christmas 2012

Christmas is next week which means you need to finish your shopping! Here at Berger Bros. we’re your one-stop location for all the hottest cameras for Christmas 2012. We’ve taken a look at the sales numbers this year and have discovered the three top-selling cameras that you need in your arsenal of aesthetic documentation. Here […]